Accessing mDSP

mDSP on the mInsight dashboard
mDSP on the mInsight dashboard

To access mDSP on the mInsight dashboard,

  1. Log in to the MAAS dashboard with the username and password provided by the MAAS customer team.
  2. Click on mDSP on the left section of the dashboard.
  3. Choose the campaign name by clicking on the Campaign toggle bar and selecting the date you want to view the data for.
  4. You can now view campaign analytics by section divided into Overview and Creatives.
  5. Click on each of the section(s) to view granular data on your ad campaign.
  6. To select or unselect campaign metrics, click on Optional Metrics and add or remove features.

The mDSP section of the dashboard is split into two sections - Overview and Creatives. 

The 'Overview' section of the dashboard covers the installs, clicks, registration, performance of the campaign on the chosen exchange partners, spending, a detailed report on the campaign including the KPIs chosen, and an overview of the ad creatives. 

The section also covers a detailed report of the campaign’s performance on publishers’ platforms and the ad creatives that were used for the campaign. 

The 'Creatives' section of the dashboard displays a visual representation of the performance of the types of ad creatives chosen for the campaign, and a detailed report based on the size, spending, registration, purchase, and monetization.

To add or remove KPIs from each section, click on the hamburger icon next to the 'Optional Metrics' icon and select the KPI you want to see.

Updated 16 Feb 2022
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