A unified dashboard of MAAS for its advertisers to provide market insights and placement strategies on channel levels to observe the campaign’s performance based on installs, registrations, spends, purchases, clicks, with various industry-accepted business models like CPI, CPC, CPM, and more

To log in to the dashboard, simply type in your user credentials provided by the MAAS support team. Log in at https://maas.mtraction.com/ to get started and track your campaign performance

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The mInsight dashboard consists of seven important features namely -

MAAS as a platform has a self-serve dashboard called mInsight that comprises 6 key features namely MAAS Exchange, mDSP, OEM, Social, ASA, and Competition Overview.

MAAS Overview in the dashboard shows a comprehensive overview of the campaign such as installs, clicks, registrations, device reports, and channel summary.

Apps & Integrations

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Updated 10 Feb 2022
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