1. Is MAAS a retargeting platform or a UA-focused platform?

MAAS is an exclusive UA-focused platform, designed to help app marketers acquire high-quality relevant users and achieve their KPIs seamlessly with the aid of technology.

2. Is MAAS a self-serve platform or does it have third-party integrations?

The data retrieved from the MAAS dashboard is the result of third-party integrations with other MMPs and app data aggregated platforms to give you highly relevant insights into your app.

3. What are our data sources?

MAAS retrieves highly relevant data from various sources including mDMP, which is an exclusive data management platform, and other third-party integrations such as MMPs, and more. This data is hosted on our mInsight dashboard to give you granular insights on how your app is performing. 

4. What are MAAS' anti-fraud solutions?

mFaaS, is an exclusive technology entity of MAAS, created especially to tackle anti-fraud solutions including -

  1. Organic hijacking with click stuffing/spamming 
  2. BOT traffic/IP fraud 
  3. Device fraud, or spoofing
  4. APK scams
  5. Event fraud
  6. Device farm/VPN fraud
  7. Click fraud/Ad stacking

mFaaS or mobile Fraud Analytics as a Service is a mobile ad fraud detection and prevention tool. 

mFaaS helps identify the sources of traffic that use malpractices and spoof installs to install fake users and provides levers to take appropriate actions to optimize overall user acquisition media spends.

5. How does MAAS social integration work? Do we charge extra for this?

MAAS leverages third-party integrations to extract data on social platforms. The integrated app provides detailed data on how the app is performing on the selected social media platform and shows a historical trend in the data. 

6. Why are certain features of the MAAS dashboard locked?

As an app marketer, you have the liberty to choose the features you want to help you scale your app marketing campaigns. 

Depending on your goals, you can plug and play with the features of the dashboard. If you haven’t picked a certain feature, then that feature will be locked in the dashboard. 

7. Does MAAS provide training to the client?

No, MAAS does not provide training to the client.  

8. Does MAAS have a dedicated support team?

Yes, MAAS has a dedicated support team. If you have any questions, please shoot us a mail at support@affle.com and a dedicated support team member will get back to you. 

9. Who handles the operations of the campaigns?

Post the formalities, MAAS assigns a dedicated account manager to help you navigate through the app scaling process. Please get in touch with the dedicated team if you have any questions regarding the app scaling process. 

If not, please send us a mail at support@affle.com.

10. How is the pricing decided?

Pricing is dependent on the several factors - 

  1. The country you are based out of 
  2. Outcome of your app growth (KPIs)
  3. Payout model 

11. Is Appnext a part of MAAS?

No, Appnext is not a part of MAAS. However, Appnext is a part of Affle. Affle acquired Appnext in 2019. 

12. Is my data safe?

Yes, we take data privacy and security very seriously. We follow several protocols and adhere to government regulations such as GDPR to protect all user data and transactional information. 

13. What is the starting point of MAAS?

A campaign is the starting point of MAAS. Any app marketer, regardless of their goals, will start their journey with MAAS by integrating their app campaign with us.

14. How can various users of the client log in to the MAAS dashboard?

The MAAS team provides the client with exclusive access to the dashboard with a username and password. The login credentials can be shared with trusted members of the client to access the MAAS dashboard.

15. What are the integrations of OEM?

OEMs are very well integrated with several mobile service providers including Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, and more. These OEMs have their own app store to help you acquire quality users.

16. How many users can access the MAAS dashboard at once?

There is no fixed number on how many users can access the MAAS dashboard. Any user with the login credentials can access the MAAS dashboard.

17. What is MAAS?

MAAS is a unified audience platform that helps both advertisers and publishers to scale their app marketing to achieve their goals by tracking and leveraging various technologies on a single platform. 

App marketers can leverage the MAAS dashboard to track minute details of the app including installs, registrations, spends, purchase, traffic, and more.

18. How does MAAS get traffic to apps? 

MAAS leverages various technologies and third-party integrations such as OEMs, social, mDSP, SDK, and APIs to help you gain organic traffic to your apps.

19. Is the MAAS dashboard self-serve or manually managed?

The MAAS dashboard is a self-serve dashboard which integrates all the required data from various sources. The data gathered from other integrations are synced automatically. 

20. Can I integrate MAAS with my MMP without tracking tools?

Yes, essentially you can. If you have your own tracking system that can be integrated with MAAS, you can. It is best advised to include tracking tools to avoid transparency and follow the best practices to help you achieve your goals with ease.

21. Can you deliver KPIs and payouts?

Yes. Help us understand what your app KPIs are, and we will craft a custom app marketing approach to help you achieve the same.

22. Can I run my app on mDSP?

For an advertiser to run their app on mDSP, you need to have a minimum of 1 million users already.


Updated 10 Feb 2022
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