How to Get Started with MAAS

Launching your campaign is easy and done in four steps - 

 #1 Set your Campaign Briefs 

  1. Target geography
  2. Lock your KPIs
  3. Test budget for one month 
  4. Pick your model - CPA, CPI, CPR, and so on 
  5. Payout 

IO is a simple one-page document that states campaign briefs and KPIs. This process is mandatory since Affle is a listed company. 

#3 Close Integration

  1. Select the MMP you are already integrated with - Singular, Appsflyer, Adjusts, Kochava, or Firebase
  2. Search for “Affle-MAAS” in your MMP and integrate the trackers 
  3. Share the impressions, events to track, and click trackers with us 
  4. Voila, you’re done!

#4 Share Ad Creatives 

  1. Share your chosen ad creatives such as banners, videos, and assets with us 
  2. Now, login to the MAAS dashboard to start seeing your campaign performance and exclusive competition intel

Launch the campaign and log in to the MAAS dashboard to see the magic happen!