How to Integrate MAAS with Appsflyer

#1 Setting Up Retargeting Campaign for the First Time

If this is the first retargeting campaign you are setting up with Appsflyer, please enable 'Retargeting Campaign Measurement' for each of your apps, within the app settings in the Appsflyer Dashboard Tracking Link section.

When enabled, AppsFlyer will recognize the link as 'retargeting', rather than a standard user acquisition link by adding '&is_retargeting=true' to the tracking link.

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#2 How to Set Up your Campaign

To track impression and click activity on your AppsFlyer dashboard, choose and set up a campaign from the 'Integrated Partners' page.

Remember, if you want to set up separate campaigns for Android and iOS, follow these steps for each app -

  1. Go to the Integrations tab and click on Go to Integrated Partners page for the app you want to set up.

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2. Go to the Integrated Partners page for the app you wish to set up. Search for Campaign Name and click on the Edit button on the right.

On the Integration tab, check the following -

1. General Settings

  • Ensure Enable View-Through attribution is on

2. Default Postbacks

  • Event Name: Install - Sending Option is set to events attributed to any partner or organic.
  • Event Name: Re-engagement - Sending Option is only set to events attributed to this partner.

3. In-App Events Postback

  • In-app events postback is enabled.
  • Sending option is set to events attributed to any partner or organic.

Click on Save on the lower right corner before you leave the tab.

#3 How to Set Up Events Forwarding

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Go to the Integrations tab. In the In-App Events Postback section,

  1. Click on the 'Add Event' button
  2. Select an event from the SDK Event Name dropdown* section
  3. Set the exact same event name as Partner Event Identifier
  4. Enable Send Revenue if available**
  5. Finally, click on Save on the lower right corner

#4 How to Set Up Tracking URLs and Attribution Windows

To generate click and impression trackers with regular deep linking for your campaigns,

  1. Choose and edit your campaign from the Integrated Partners list for the desired app.
  2. Go to thw Tracking Link tab and enable Retargeting Settings.
  3. Select 'Use a Standard Tracking Link' and input your deep link URL.

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The deep link URL will direct the browser, indicating where the user will be redirected upon clicking within your app.

To set up attribution windows for your app,

Attribution windows are identified by the af_click_lookback= and af_viewthrough_lookback= parameters and can be edited in the Tracking Link tab for the selected partner.

Please note that changing these settings will generate new tracking links in real-time, but will not directly update any tracking links you may have already sent to your campaign team.


On the Permissions tab, you can grant access to certain aspects of configiration and reporting for your app.

Following the steps above will help you set up your campaign on AppsFlyer.

Summary -

  1. Enable Retargeting Campaign Measurement if this is your first retargeting campaign.
  2. Edit the campaign through the Integrated Partners section.
  • Events Forwarding
  • Enable View-Through Attribution for User Acquisition campaigns.
  • Enable Attributed and Non-Attributed events forwarding for Installs,
  • Reengagement, and all Custom Events (+ Revenue Data when available)

3. Tracking Links & Deeplinks

  • Enable Retargeting Settings.
  • Set up a Deep Link URL.
  • Send Click and Impression Tracking Links to the Campaign Team. Notify us if you will be running DPA (Dynamic Product Ads).

4. Permissions

  • Enabling Permissions (Ad Network & Agency) helps Troubleshooting.