How to Integrate MAAS with Branch

#1 Set Up Postback for Branch

  1. Log in to the Branch dashboard
  2. Selects Ads on the left side of the panel
  3. Select Partner Management > Partner Configuration
  4. Click on Add New Postback
  5. Add required postback and click on Save to add the postback to the main tab
  6. Fill the goal ID for MAAS and click on Save
  7. Postback will now be saved on the Branch dashboard

#2 How to Verify Postback

  1. To verify postback, click on the Postback Configuration tab > Corresponding Event
  2. Click on Advance Edit
  3. Check the detailed postback

#3 How to Create URL for the Branch Dashboard

  1. Go to Ads on the left section of Branch and click on Links
  2. Click on Create Ad Link on the top right side of the page
  3. Select App Install or Engagement
  4. Now, fill in your link name under the Name Your Link box and type in the partner name (Here, type in MAAS)
  5. Choose Create Link Now
  6. Copy the link created and test it
  7. The link will now appear on the main tab

#4 How to Add Team Members to Access Branch 

  1. Go to Account Settings on the dashboard
  2. Click on the Agencies tab > Add New Agency
  3. Look up and select the agency 'MAAS Powered by Affle' to add it
  4. Click on Invite