How to Integrate MAAS with S2S & Firebase

SS2 Integration

S2S integration is that which allows communication between two ad servers. More specifically communication between an ad network and a publisher. It is commonly used for purposes like mediation, auctions, etc. S2S integrations are used by mobile advertisers and ad networks. It is used to determine the number of installations that are driven by an ad that is served.

#1 How to Set Up MAAS S2S Integration 

S2S integration consists of two parts; one is the Click Setup and another one is the Postback (Install or Event) Setup.

First, we will move to the Click Setup.

1. Click URL Setup for MAAS

Step 1 - Get the tracking link from your advertiser or agency for which they would like to track the install or event on.

The above link is a sample URL which doesn’t include tracking parameters, our next step is to ask the client to ask for tracking parameters in tracking URL with postback macros. Step 2 - Ask the client to share the complete URL with tracking parameters. These parameters include necessary tracking placeholder and macros to pass the correct values between advertiser and ad network.

Example: The client has shared the below parameters with the above tracking URL -

Placeholders in click and postback URL
Placeholders in click and postback URL

Step 3 - Configure the click URL by combining step #1 and step #2

Preview of the Android URL: https://apps.android.com/ru/app/megafonapp-tv/com.asdf.6359834314?referrer=app_tracking_id%3D385986435901094713%26ym_tracking_id%3D8238186804151215016&click_id={click_id}&aaid={sub8}&sub3={offer_id}%7C{pid}%7C{sub6}%7C16&aff_sub={pid}_{sub1}

The terms 'click_id', 'aaid', 'sub3', and 'aff_sub' in the above URL are placeholders provided by the client. You can use the above sample to configure the click URL and use these URLs to set up on the MAAS Platform (Affise).

Step 4 - Configuring the postback URL

MAAS has a dedicated postback URL for all S2S integrations and has similar placeholders across the MMPs and networks.

There are two types of postback URLs for which we configure for MAAS in S2S; one is Global Install Postback URL and another Global Event Postback URL.

Below is the value table for MAAS placeholders and their names -

Mandatory Parameters


MAAS (IfaaS) Placeholder

Sample Client Postback Macros

Click ID



Advertising ID



offer_id or Custom Parameter



Sub Publisher ID



Install ID or Event ID


Hardcoded value (From Affise)

Event Name (For event campaigns)


Hardcoded value from the client

MAAS Advertiser ID (Affise)


From Affise

Install postback URL:

Event postback URL:

We will use the above URL to create the postback URL. Once these postbacks URLs are configured, you can share this for configuring in their platform.

Step 5 - Configuring MAAS Postback URL

Use the above URLs and MAAS placeholder table to configure the postbacks.

Example - Let's say we have XYZ Client who wants to configure install and two events (purchase and sign-in).