How to Integrate MAAS with Singular

#1 Set Up Partner Configuration with Singular

To set up partner configuration for your UA campaign with Singular, follow these steps -

  1. Find the partner in the Singular web app. Go to Attribution > Partner Configuration
  2. Type MAAS in the Search Partners text box and select it from the list
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#2 How to Set Up Postback Configuration with Singular

  1. Search MAAS in partner configuration
  2. Click on 'Add Partner'
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  1. Android and iOS are configured individually
  2. Click on the 'Pen Icon' in front of the Android app
  3. The configuration page will open

[add image]

#3 How to Set Up In-App Specific Configuration 

  1. Enable the fraud postbacks under 'App-specific Configuration'
  2. Enter the event ID in the box. Event ID = Install ID (Goal of MAAS) = 1
  3. Click on the postback setting icon highlighed in yellow to verify the postbacks
  4. Configure the requested event and event ID, as per MAAS
  5. Now, verify the postback for 'Event'
  6. Click on 'Save'
  1. Go to the Attribution tab, and click on 'Manage Links'
  2. Select the app and partner - MAAS
  3. Click on the Android or iOS link
  4. Or, create a link for partners
  5. Under the 'Partner' section, fill in details such as source and tracking link name as per the advertiser requirement
  6. Click on 'Link Summary' to view the links
  7. Under 'Link Summary', copy the links for CTA and VTA as per requirement

#5 How to Add Team Members to Access Singular 

To enable users from your organization to use your Singular partner account,

  1. Go to Settings > Team Management
  2. Select 'Create New User'
  3. Choose whether the new user should have Standard permissions (access to all data) or Admin permissions (access to all data, plus access to the team management page)
  4. Enter the user's email address and select 'Create New User'