MAAS Exchange

MAAS Exchange is a component of the mInsight dashboard that showcases the data of the campaign with respect to the features the advertiser has opted for, including installs, clicks, registrations, spending, purchase, campaign overview, and granular reporting based on the various device attributions. 

The MAAS exchange section of the dashboard contains -

  • Installs - Number of attributed installs within the selected period of time on both iOS and Android with their corresponding percentage value.
  • Clicks - Number of clicks within the selected period of time.
  • Registration - Number of registered users within the selected period along with the percentage of the users.

A visual graph summarizing the number of clicks, installs, spends, registrations, and spends, etc within the selected period.

MAAS exchange also shows a detailed report of the publishers, their IDs, with the corresponding installs, registered users, purchase, spending, and monetization value. 

In addition, MAAS Exchange shows a visual graph overview of the campaign’s fraud activities including total installs, fraud installs, and the sources of fraudulent activity.

The MAAS Exchange section of the dashboard covers the following entities -

  1. Campaign analytics overview
  2. Spends for the KPI chosen
  3. Purchases
  4. Detailed reports for installs, registrations, purchase, spends for the OS with the KPIs chosen
  5. Publisher IDs
  6. Campaign fraud overview

Updated 16 Feb 2022
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