mDSP (Demand Side Platform)

mDSP or Demand Side Platform is a technology that helps app advertisers to achieve full-funnel growth marketing for their apps. 

mDSP is an AI-driven programmatic performance advertising tool that helps app owners to grow, retain, and monetize their mobile users. 

With the help of mDSP, app advertisers can - 

  1. Advertise marketing campaigns only on verified apps and quality inventory for higher ROI
  2. ROI-focused mobile retargeting with data signals to drive greater conversions
  3. Display creatives with real-time, data-driven personalization
  4. Measure incremental results of organic conversions on apps

In addition, mDSP also helps advertisers and publishers to deliver high-value creatives on apps to - 

  1. Tailor your ads for specific goals.
  2. Deliver the right message for your audience.
  3. Deliver various ad formats such as banner, interstitial, native, interactive, and more for high impact performance-driven campaigns.

Updated 10 Feb 2022
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