OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer in the smartphone universe refers to smartphone brands such as Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and more, that have their own app stores to help gather audience data sets and real-time insights. 

This can help advertisers possess quality user acquisition, premium ad placements, whilst generating leads in a fraud-free environment. 

Each OEM has its own set of functionalities but in a nutshell, an advertiser can publish their campaign in the following formats on MAAS -


  1. Standard icon placements 
  2. Creative placements 
  • Banner
  • Splash screen
  • GIF pendant 
  • Push notifications


  1. Splash screen
  2. Ribbon banner 
  3. Pop & up banner
  4. Speed dial and site

The OEM section of the dashboard showcases a detailed report of the ad performance on various OEMs chosen by the advertisers for the selected period of time. 

The dashboard is divided into sections that show a visual representation of the performance of the campaign based on installs and purchases - 

  • Partner (OEM partners such as Nokia, Samsung, or Vivo)
  • Placement of the ad creative 
  • Creative name
  • Creative size 

The visual graph in the OEM section displays the number of installs, clicks, registrations, purchases, and more to help you track your campaign data seamlessly.

Updated 10 Feb 2022
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